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==== Bartering ====
==== Bartering ====
At {{Favor|Friends}} Percy offers to barter with you:
At {{Favor|Friends}} Percy offers to barter with you:
{| {{STDT}}
{| class="wikitable"
| {{Item|Enchanted Bear Claw}} x1 || {{Item|Fae Animal Nexus Key}}
| {{Item|Enchanted Bear Claw}} x1 || rowspan="2" | {{Item|Fae Animal Nexus Key}}
| {{Item|Magic Tooth}} x1 || {{Item|Fae Animal Nexus Key}}
| {{Item|Magic Tooth}} x1

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Percy Evans
Around his house in
the North-East corner of Eltibule.
Beast Speak:
[[Category:Eltibule NPCs]]

Lydia loved Archaeology. We set up our house next to one of them weird statues so she could study it more. I always thought she'd trigger some sort of spell and blow us up! Haha! But no, turns out she was just slashed to pieces by a green bear.

Percy Evans is a Human living in a home he and his deceased wife Lydia moved to in Eltibule. Percy and his wife entered the Animal Nexus, and she was killed. He is having a hard time letting go, and spends much of his day talking to the gravestone her erected for his wife. He has repeatedly contacted Jumjab to try and contact his wife. For some reason, he hates Druids.

Well the house was made by the Council, so they can come and claim it if they want it back! Property value can't be too high, though, on account of the neighbors. Fuckin' green animals. Fairy bullshit magic!


Found in or around his house in the North-East corner of Eltibule, past the packs of Bear Groupies and Fey Panther Groupies.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Peridots Hint
  • Likes Fairy Wings Hint
  • Likes Magic Teeth
  • Loves Drying Boxes of Arrows Hint
  • Likes Pick-Me-Up Juice [Close Friends]
  • Likes Memory Inhibitor Potions [Close Friends]


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At [Friends] Percy offers to barter with you:

Give Receive

Hang Out

Stand in the lookout tower and watch bear movements (5 hr)

42 favor with Percy Evans

Check the perimeter (30 min)

5 favor with Percy Evans

Talk about Percy's dead wife in torturous detail (3 hr)

28.89 favor with Percy Evans


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor - x1000
[Like Family] Favor - x2000