Ranalon Den

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Ranalon Den
Ranalon Den (map).png
Map of Ranalon Den (click for larger size)
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Area Level
15 - 20
Ranalon DenPlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Ranalon Den is a cave system in Serbule Hills currently inhabited by an invading Ranalon population. It is unknown if the underground caves existed before the Ranalon appeared in the region, but the presence of Stone-Shapers in their population and the well-organized paths of the cave suggest that they have the ability to carve stone to meet their needs. Clearly defined areas for combat training, raising Leglings, gardening, and relaxation can be found throughout the den. A supposedly friendly Ranalon named Chirrra can be found near the entrance of the caves.


The entrance to the Ranalon Den in Serbule Hills can be found underwater in the eastern of the two lakes. The entrance is identifiable as a portal at the bottom of a set of stairs leading into the water from the southern shore.

Points of Interest

Storage Chests

Throughout the Ranalon Den, storage chests containing Ranalon valuables can be looted if one possesses a
. These keys can likely drop from all variants of Ranalon. Each chest can be looted once every three hours.

Puddle Shells

Puddle Shells are stone bowls shaped to resemble shells, filled with water and sometimes plants. They are a common sight throughout the Ranalon Den.

Ranalon Scrolls

There are numerous rare scrolls obtainable in the Ranalon Den. These scrolls teach recipes for Alchemy, Calligraphy, Cooking, Fishing, and Shamanic Infusion.

  • Scrolls can be obtained by killing the Doctrine-Keeper boss. Scrolls will only appear in First Kill loot (resets every 3 hours).
  • Scrolls can be rewards from Chirrra when completing their quests. The exact rate for scrolls to drop is unknown, but estimated at one scroll per 8-10 quests completed.

An additional method to obtain this selection of scrolls exists as an expensive NPC barter in Povus, a region far to the north of Serbule Hills intended for adventurers with combat skills in the mid-70s and 80s.

Eastern Blocked Path

Adventurers may notice a suspicious corridor in the eastern gardens of the Ranalon Den. This is a passage intentionally blocked off by the Developers and will be the site of content balanced for groups. While there are complete corridors behind the blocked passage, there are no foes or harvestable items back there.

Ranalon Den Inhabitants








          (Found as Pickling Jar)
          (Found as Brine Jar)