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Expertise in the use of a shield, both as a weapon and as a defensive tool.

Shield is an advanced skill that is taught by Tyler Green when you become Friends with him.

Additional abilities can be purchased from Gorvessa in Hogan's Keep and from Nelson Ballard in Serbule.

51-60 Shield is taught by Sir Johnson in the town of Amulna. The highest Shield level a player can reach is 61. One bonus level is gained from 44 Sword.


Shield is a secondary skill, meaning that it has no basic attack with a Combat Refresh. This skill is best used with another melee skill, but it also works for ranged fighters. Shield has a lot of defensive abilities which will greatly boost the player's overall defense.

Stun Stunning Bash.png Stunning Bash stuns the opponent
Sprint Take The Lead.png Take the Lead increases your sprinting speed for 10 seconds.
Rage control Disrupting Bash.png Disrupting Bash reduces enemy's Rage.
Knockback Emergency Bash.png Emergency Bash knocks one enemy back, Fight Me You Fools.png Fight Me You Fools knocks all nearby enemies away
Slash damage +% Strategic Preparation.png Strategic Preparation boosts Slashing Damage by a small amount.
Taunt Infuriating Bash.png Infuriating Bash taunts the enemy, Take The Lead.png Take the Lead causes your attacks to taunt more for 10 seconds, Fight Me You Fools.png Fight Me You Fools taunts all nearby enemies.
Recover Armor Reinforce.png Reinforce restores Armor, RapidRecovery VigorousDefense.png Rapid Recovery restores Armor while not in combat, Shield Team.png Shield Team restores Armor to the player and all nearby allies.
Recover Power RapidRecovery VigorousDefense.png Vigorous Defense restores a portion of the player's Armor.
Dodge projectiles 36px Deflect Arrows causes the player to evade a percentage of all incoming projectiles for 10 seconds.
Negate damage Elemental Ward.png Elemental Ward grants the player a shield that nullifies all incoming Elemental damage (Fire, Cold and Electricity).
Damage melee attackers Fire Shield.png Fire Shield grants the player a shield that deals Fire damage to all melee attackers for 20 seconds.


Shield Abilities


Item-icon-belt.png Lucky Belt of the Defender increases damage dealt with Staff and Shield combat skills by 6%.

Item-icon-belt.png Lucky Belt of the Soldier increases damage dealt with Sword and Shield combat skills by 6%.

Item-icon-belt.png Lucky Belt of the Barbarian increases damage dealt with Hammer and Shield combat skills by 6%.

Item-icon-belt.png Lucky Belt of the Skirmish Mage increases damage dealt with Fire Magic and Shield combat skills by 6%.

Item-icon-belt.png Lucky Belt of the Shielder can be crafted. Requires 20 Toolcrafting.


Ability Learn From Req. Favor Req. Level Special
RapidRecovery VigorousDefense.png Rapid Recovery (1-5) Nelson Ballard Comfortable+ 14/24/34/43/54 Shield You recover [50/80/110/140/170] Armor. This ability cannot be used in combat. Special: This ability can optionally be placed on your side-bar instead of your primary ability bars, but you must still have the Shield skill active to use it.
Infuriating Bash.png Infuriating Bash (1-4) Gorvessa  ? 3/19/42/53 Shield Target is taunted [+80/+120/+200/+300]
Elemental Ward.png Elemental Ward (1-2) Gorvessa  ? 21/39 Shield For the next ten seconds, any elemental damage will be negated (Fire, Cold, or Electricity).
RapidRecovery VigorousDefense.png Vigorous Defense (1-2) Gorvessa  ? 25/50 Shield You recover [50/70] Power.
Fire Shield.png Fire Shield (1-4) Gorvessa (1-3), Sir Johnson (4)  ? 7/27/47/57 Shield For 20 seconds, melee attackers take [5/10/15/20] Fire damage.
Fight Me You Fools.png Fight Me You Fools (1-6) Gorvessa (1-5), Sir Johnson (6)  ? 7/19/29/39/49/59 Shield Targets are knocked back and taunted [+40/+80/+120/+160/+200/+240]
Shield Team.png Shield Team (1-4) Gorvessa (1-3), Sir Johnson (4)  ? 15/30/45/60 Shield You and nearby allies regain [25/45/65/85] Armor.


Vigorous Defense and Rapid Recovery use the same ability icon.