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September 1 Update

This is a "hotfix" update to address some data errors from the Aug 28 update.
- Fixed various errors in directions given by NPCs in Serbule and Serbule Hills
- Fixed various places where Serbule Hills was still called South Serbule. Note that the in-game map description still says South Serbule because map labels can't be hotfixed. It will be addressed in a future full-client update.
- The puzzle altar in Serbule Hills that says it gives a ring as a reward actually gave cooking XP instead. Now gives a ring
- On the work order board, orders for candied apples, fried mycena bites, and pork chops with watercress were described as work orders for potato cubes and other obsolete items. This was a labeling problem; the work orders themselves have not changed.
- Sona and Makara's new barter options were not available
- The cooking fire in the Tapestry Inn did not allow you to cook. Conversely, a spot on a lake bank in Ranalon Territory (where the tapestry inn once stood) DID allow you to cook. These have both been fixed.
- Hunting quests in Serbule Hills for Guard Scrays, Ranalon Gardeners, and Ranalon Stone-Shapers actually required you to kill chickens.
- The treasure mod that boosts Slashing Strike damage can no longer appear on off-hand items besides claws, since claws are required to use Slashing Strike. Existing off-hand items that boosted Slashing Strike have become Legacy Items and can be replaced with the Legacy Golem in Serbule.
Because this is a hotfix, not a full-client download, some bugs could not be fixed today. They will be fixed in the next client update:
- Floating building and teleporter in Serbule Hills (but note that the floating teleporter can still be used, just stand underneath it!)
- The poetry podium in Serbule requires you to stand uncomfortably close (within 8 meters) to hear the recited poems

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