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{{MOB Location
| area= 
| location=
| health =
| armor =
| rage =


List a region or map where the mob can be found.
OPTIONAL. Used for situations where the MOB Location template is needed, but using the area parameter should not create a category. World Bosses and creatures that are admin-spawned but have no specific location can use this parameter! This version does not automatically create links in the header.
OPTIONAL. Used for alternative forms of a mob. Limit to gender (in-game options for creatures are ♀ and ♂), stronger versions, summoned clones, dev spawned bosses, and other minor changes. Do not use when Effective/Ineffective information differs, such as the Red Drakeworm and Blue Drakeworm, even though both are simply called Drakeworm in-game.
Semi-Optional. If no Health is listed, Armor and Rage will not display. The amount of health the mob has in a location.
The amount of armor the mob has.
The amount of rage the mob has.
A short description of where or how to find the mob.
OPTIONAL. If a monster lists a Loot Level, include this line
OPTIONAL. If a monster only spawns during a particular time of day, or during an event (Druid/Halloween), write that here!
OPTIONAL. Used if a monster only spawns during a particular type of weather event (Not in-game yet).


This automatically adds the location category to that page. So if you entered location1 = Serbule, [[Category:Serbule Creatures]] would be added for you. At the moment, do not enter locations surrounded by double brackets.

{{MOB Location
| area = Serbule
| health = 90000
| armor = 85
| rage = 999999
| location = Description of whereabouts.
| lootlevel = 37
| time = Appears during [[Halloween 2016]].
| weather = Appears during heavy rain.
{{MOB Location
| area = Eltibule
| health = X
| armor = X
| rage = X
| location = Description of whereabouts.
{{MOB Location
| area = Dark Chapel
| variant = Maronesa Enhanced
| location = Scion's cavern.
| time = Summoned by the [[Scion of Discord]]
| health = 4110
| armor = 446
| rage = 730
{{MOB Location
| altheader= World Boss: [[Ciervos The Shadow]]
| location = Hills east of [[Eltibule]] Keep.
| health = 1011229
| armor = 26653
| rage = 51449
| time = Spawns during [[Invasion of the World Bosses]]
Vitals: Health 90000 Armor 85 Rage 999999
Location: Description of whereabouts.
Loot Level: 37
Time Conditions: Appears during Halloween 2016.
Weather Conditions: Appears during heavy rain.
Vitals: Health X Armor X Rage X
Location: Description of whereabouts.
Dark Chapel
Variant: Maronesa Enhanced
Vitals: Health 4110 Armor 446 Rage 730
Location: Scion's cavern.
Time Conditions: Summoned by the Scion of Discord
World Boss: Ciervos The Shadow
Vitals: Health 1011229 Armor 26653 Rage 51449
Location: Hills east of Eltibule Keep.
Time Conditions: Spawns during Invasion of the World Bosses