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Tombstone Mechanics

Tombstones are grave markers that appear when a character dies in combat, from wounds, illness, stupidity, curses, or unexpected effects. A tombstone will be marked with the character's name and cause of death. Characters may have many Tombstones appear in the world at the same time.


A collection of three or more Tombstones in close proximity is considered a graveyard for the purpose of Necromancy.

  • Some practitioners of Necromancy carry around , which lets them easily make graves at the entrances of non-graveyard dungeons.

Mourning Graves

A Tombstone can be mourned at, resulting in a brief gain of Compassion XP for the mourner.

Tombstone Removal

A Tombstone can be removed by the character who untimely left it behind, by clicking on it.

Tombstones can also be removed by other characters, once enough individuals have mourned a grave. When a Tombstone reaches the point where it can be removed, the next mourner who is also carrying a
will be asked if they want to bury the corpse or not. If they choose to bury the corpse, the Tombstone will disappear and the burier will receive additional Compassion XP. A character can only receive this additional XP once per hour.
Tombstone Mourner Variables
Spamable Deaths
Deaths such as Suicide by Poison create Tombstones which can be buried after only a few mourners.
Hardcore Deaths
Tombstones of characters in Hardcore Mode that did not die in a spamable death will require more mourners than a normal character that died of the same death.
Death Rarity
The rarity of the death impacts how many mourners are required before a Tombstone can be buried. Deaths that are hard to earn, while influenced by a random factor, will usually create a longer-lasting tombstone.

Tombstone Styles

Tombstone style is determined primarily by level in Dying, however unique Tombstones exist.

  • Characters infected with Lycanthropy create a unique grave.
  • Characters turned into a Giant Bat create a unique grave.
  • Characters in Hardcore Mode create a unique grave.