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October 24 Update

This is a minor bug-fix patch:

- Fixed bug that prevented the "fireworks" particles from playing when you level up a skill
- Fixed a bug in the favor quest "Checking in on Trekker"; the quest incorrectly had you checking in on a different NPC. The quest's version has changed, so if you were on the quest, you will need to re-get it from Tangle. (If you already completed it, you don't need to complete it again.)
- Some tiers of Masquerade Masks and Bat Hats were misnamed, using the wrong descriptive adjective. (In most cases, they skipped over the adjective "Quality".) So the "Decent Masquerade Mask" became "Nice Masquerade Mask", "Great Masquerade Mask" became "Quality Masquerade Mask", etc. This was a naming fix only, the stats on all the items are unaffected.
- Warden ability "Privacy Field" did not cause as much damage as indicated. (The ability's base reflect damage was not included, although treasure bonuses worked.)
- Certain skeletons in the Fae Realm didn't count toward the Halloween quest "Kill Skeletons in the Fae Realm"
- Fixed erroneous error messages when using Giant Bat's Confusing Double or Warden's Stun Trap
- Milton only liked green peppers; he now also likes red peppers
- Tangle didn't show a Favor progress bar
- Added a level-80 Event Loot Chest (it's behind the Serbule inn, with the other Event Loot Chests)
- Fixed some exploitable scenarios involving flight
- When a Rakshasa who is under the influence of Telka's Teeth turns into an animal, the positive benefits of the drug are immediately aborted (loophole fix)
- The "Dye Placeholder" NPC is now completely gone, and Larsan in Serbule has graciously volunteered to be the Dye Making trainer for now. He teaches the skill at Comfortable favor level (still requiring Gardening 25). He also trains various dye recipes when you reach higher favor levels with him.
- Fixed bugs in the chat window where the chat-channel indicator could show the wrong channel. This bug mainly showed up when deleting partially-typed chat commands. For instance, if you typed a command like "/r hi" (to reply to someone) but then deleted that text without actually sending it, the chat-channel indicator would keep showing the Tell channel, but the next message you typed could be sent to some other chat channel. We've fixed this bug and some related bugs. If you run into any other situations where the chat-channel indicator is wrong, please let us know!
- Fixed name of Calligraphy recipe "Goblin+" to "Mangle+"
- Various typos and small issues addressed

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