Lost Notus Record

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Lost Notus Record is a XP granting book named after a player, BetaNotus. It will grant 250 XP in any skill your character might be able to learn. Sometimes it will appear to do nothing, if the skill the book randomly selects has already been maxed. Skills you can't have will not be selected. If you are not a Druid, you will never get XP for Druid. On the other hand, you can learn skills such as Demon Anatomy through the use of a Lost Notus Record.

How to Obtain

Dropped from Drakeworms in Ilmari.
Drops from Cockatrice mobs in Rahu and in the Labyrinth.
Drops from Gargoyles in Gazluk Keep.
Drops from Mot-Uraks in Gazluk.
Drops from Tun-Uraks in Gazluk.
Drops from Mature Icebeaks in Gazluk.
Drops from Horrific Ghosts in Gazluk.
Drops from Tundra Bears in Gazluk.
Drops from Freeze Elementals in Gazluk.