Serbule Hills Spider Cave

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Serbule Hills Spider Cave
File:Serbule Hills Spider Cave (map).png
Map of Serbule Hills Spider Cave (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
05 - 10
Serbule Hills Spider CavePlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Serbule Hills Spider Cave is a cave system that can be reached by new players during their escape from the Anagoge Records Facility. It also has an exit to Serbule Hills. In Serbule Hills, the cave entrance can be found along the hillside just northeast of the region's Inn. As the name implies, the cave is infested with spiders.

A Warning sign in Serbule Hills reads:

Warning! This cave is unstable and may collapse. Also, its full of spiders. REALLY BIG spiders. If you get trapped or bit, nobody's gonna save you. Stay out!

Points of Interest

Battered Shield

A quest item in the form of a battered shield can be looted from one of the rooms in the cave. This shield can be returned to an NPCs in the Inn in Serbule Hills to complete a quest. The shield is similar to some of the items on Anagoge Island as a copy appears for each player. If the shield is picked up then discarded somewhere without being used to complete the quest, a 22 hour cooldown begins before the shield can be gathered again.

Location Spoiler (click Expand at the far right of the page)

From the Serbule Hills Entrance, take the first right, then the second right, then follow that all the way (there will be a forced left turn). It is the dead-end room near the center of the map.

Entrance from the starter island dungeon

On the Anagoge Island a new player can find and travel the Anagoge Record Facility. A curious traveler may find the cave system link from the Anagoge Dungeon to this cave system. At first glance, this connection seems to be a one way direction (Only from Anagoge to the Serbule Hills Cave), but a hidden lever may be found to open the passage from the other side.

Lost Literature

The book 101 Uses for Spider Legs is a valuable resource for a fledgling Alchemist. Hidden inside the Serbule Hills Spider Cave, the book teaches recipes for:

Serbule Hills Spider Cave Inhabitants


There are no friendly NPCs in the Serbule Hills Spider Cave.






      (broken barrels)
      Found in intact barrels.