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June 9 Update #2

This minor update fixes bugs in this morning's major update.
- Fixed bugs with the /isearch command when trying to search storage crates
- Fixed an error message when accessing Hulon the Hoarder
- Removed the barter menu option from Nishika (she has no barters)
- Bellema Deftwhisper let you buy the level 70 Transmutation unlock before you had reached level 60
- Fixed scenarios where garden rabbits could consume vegetation from extreme distances
- Shared-account storage was accidentally boosted to 100 slots. This has been reverted. (Shared-account storage increases are in the works, but not ready yet.)
Known issues:
- The "black flicker" bug is back again; a new client patch will fix it later today
- The "eat corpse" option was not correctly moved to the bottom of the corpse actions list; this will be addressed at a future date

June 9 Update

Storage Improvements

Inventory and storage management in Project: Gorgon is important - but not very polished yet. Much of that will improve after the new UI is in place, but in the meantime we did wedge in a few useful additions to storage management.
First, you can now find objects in a couple of zones that allow you to view and interact with items in any storage in that zone:
- Serbule: A bookshelf in the building next to Hulon the Hoarder's shop lets you manage items in any Serbule-specific storage you have unlocked.
- Rahu: A table in Ichin the Ice-Master's shop lets you manage items in any Rahu-specific storage you have unlocked.
- Kur Mountains: A table near Nightshade lets you manage items in any Kur Mountains storage you have unlocked.
Eventually this feature will work in all zones and be built into the interface.
Second, we've exposed some of the back-end functionality that needs to be in place for the eventual storage UI. The slash command /isearch can help you find items that you've misplaced in a storage container.
Typing "/isearch sword" into the chat bar will search all your storage vaults, chests, and NPC storage for items with the word "sword" in their name - and tell you what and where those items are. You can use "/isearch" by itself for more instructions.
NOTE: The storage system has been heavily changed internally, and there may be bugs. If you see unexpected behavior when accessing your stored items, please report the bugs immediately!

Guild Levels & Logs

A while back, we added the ability to 'level up' your guild through guild quests. In this update, we expand on that with some new guild features.
Guilds can now purchase additional guild storage for each guild level above 0. (Note that the number of slots available at each guild level is different per chest, and sometimes per level as well.) The cost of additional slots is quite high; it is intended to be a shared task among guild members.
A guild's level now determines the number of people that can be in the guild, as follows:
- Level 0 through 5: 150 people
- Level 6: 175 people
- Level 7: 200 people
- Level 8: 225 people
- Level 9: 250 people
- Level 10: 275 people
- Level 11: 300 people
- Level 12: 325 people
- Level 13+: 350 people
As a courtesy to large existing guilds, if your guild already had 150+ players in it as of this morning, your guild's max size is "grandfathered" to 250 players until it reaches rank 9.
And finally, high-ranking guild members can now view an "audit log". The log shows structural changes to the guild: who joined (and who invited them), who quit (or was kicked out), who changed the message of the day, and who changed what guild settings.
By default only rank 9 or 10 guild members have permission to view the log, but it can be configured in the same way as other guild permissions.
The command to access the log is "/guild auditlogs" to view the current weeks' logs, or "/guild auditlogs old" to view last weeks' logs. Logs roll over on Monday.
This log is not currently accessible via the Guild Management Signs - the slash commands are the only way to access it.
When viewing the log, there is a "save to file" button that allows guild leaders to save the log to their hard drive. The file will be written as a .txt file to your screen shot directory.
We need feedback on this! Tell us what you want to see in the log and what format it should take!

Food & Recipe Changes

This update includes quite a lot of changes to food items and food recipes. The goals of these changes are to:
1. Link the value of foods (both in councils and in the gift-value to NPCs) more closely to the value of the ingredients, rather than just being a multiplier of the recipe level. (But level still plays a part!)
2. Ensure that all recipes are worth more than the sum of their ingredients. (This was already 90% true, but some low-level recipes were huge net-losses in value.)
3. Use higher-level (and higher-value) meats in high-level recipes to prevent high-level players from feeling the need to mass-slaughter newbie monsters. (And higher-level players that need a few pieces of low-level meat can get it with the new butchering recipes.)
4. Normalize the "difficulty" of recipes so that a lot more of them are worth using, and as well as fix a few outlier recipes that were much too easy.
As a result of these changes, ALL foods have changed in value to some extent. Some recipes have also changed; the complete list of changed recipes is available on the forum.

Other Fixes and Changes

- The next two weekends will feature new, slightly more complex "events" than our regular weekend events (which are usually just buffs). Please report bugs and give feedback on them!
- Fixed the bug where apple/grape trees could not have their lumber chopped out of them until they had been in an out-of-fruit state for at least 5 seconds.
- UI elements - like inventory, chat, etc. - no longer display over top of the loading screen.
- Added /blog and /forum as in-game shortcuts to the blog and forum websites.
- You can now quit your guild via /guild quit.
- The moon phase check will now tell you the actual moon phase in addition to how many days are left until the moon is full.
- The name of the creature you are looting now appears at the top of the Search Corpse window.
- Docile animals that instinctively flee from players (e.g. deer) no longer keep players "in combat" unless the animal is injured in some way. Note that it doesn't matter whether the damage was from that particular player or not; a damaged fleeing animal = in combat, an unharmed fleeing animal = not in combat.
- The water you see when you "Enter the Light", as well as the water in the Myconian Cave, is once again clear and clean.
- Beneficial and negative Auguries now have different icons.
- The icons for Green and Red Pepper Seeds now have properly tinted icons.
- Harvesting grown barley is supposed to yield 0-2 plantable seeds, as well as edible barley. Due to a bug, it could never yield 2 seeds. It can now.
- Various low-level Cheesemaking ingredients (butter, sweet butter, etc.) are worth more.
- Instant Snacks now restore significantly more Power.
- Fainor sells vinegar.
- Butchering Humongous Boars and Charged Boars now yield Great Pork Shoulder instead of low-level Pork Shoulder.
- Deinonychuses can now be butchered for basically-useless Dinosaur Meat. (They have no organs at the moment.)
- Selaxi teaches the recipe for Great Bacon.
- Nishika and Rugen in Rahu can now train butchers in how to pare down meats from a higher-tier meat to a lower one. For instance, you can turn Great Venison into Venison, or Stringy Insect Meat into Sinewy Insect Meat. Butchers can also chop out the toxic parts out of Paralytic Chicken, resulting in Great Chicken.
- You can gain a new bonus level of Butchering by raising Knife skill to 10.
- Several knife abilities have higher base damage. Some Knife treasure mods were altered as a result.
- You can raise the Transmutation level cap by training with Bellema Deftwhisper in a cave in Gazluk. NOTE: this is a temporary assignment for Bellema; a new NPC in that cave will train them soon!
- Changed the requirements for unlocking Ice Magic; it can now be completed with either the quest and Fire Magic 25, or the quest and [redacted new skill] 25.

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