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Daily Quests are quests that can be completed once a day.

Greater details about specific daily quests can be found on the NPC and quest pages.

Daily quests can be found in the following locations:

Red Wing Casino

Qatik offers daily dungeon Casino Excursion quests which task the retrieval of quest items from bosses and returning them to the Red Wing Casino. The dungeons rotate on a loop between the Yeti Cave, Wolf Cave, Dark Chapel, and Winter Nexus. If you have an unfinished quest from a previous day, you must abandon that quest to receive a new one.

The Teleportation Attendant in the lower level of the Red Wing Casino will teleport adventures to the location of the daily casino quest.

Lady Alethina offers Aurest missions, randomly chosen daily quests. There are seven Aurest missions, and a mission will not be selected again during the following four days after it is chosen. Completing these quests rewards a large quantity of Councils.

To speak with Lady Alethina, you'll need to be famous enough for her to have heard of you (Notoriety 25), and have two combat skills level 50+. And on some days, the daily mission has a higher level requirement than 50.

Game updates/2020-09-10

Lady Alethina offers to teleport adventurers to the location of the daily Aurest mission in exchange for an aquamarine.

Fae Realm

Agrashab offers daily Bounty Quests which reward Councils and

The Wintertide

Ensign Cricket offers quests that can be repeated once every 30 days. There are 11 quests that involve the infiltration of The Wintertide.

Other Locations?

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