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Patch Notes: February 7, 2017

This snapshot build fixes a number of bugs, including some big ones, and adjusts many other things. Here are the details, in no particular order.

"In Combat" Changes

- Fixed a bug that kept the client from realizing that you were "in combat" in some cases
- You are no longer put "in combat" just because a far-away monster has spotted you. (But if you are within their attack range, you are.)
- Monsters that run to help their friends have a much smaller time window where they keep you "in combat" automatically. If they can't find and engage you within about 8 seconds, they stop keeping you "in combat". (Of course, when they finally reach you and attack, you'll be put back "in combat" again.)
- Tweaked logic for stationary enemies (such as glyphs, turrets, etc.) so that you don't stay permanently "in combat" if you move out of their attack radius
- Monsters in lower-level outdoor zones have reduced detection radius
- Deer now have a lower detection radius regardless of the zone they occur in.

Cold-Weather Related Changes

- The "ever-burn campfires" in Kur Mountains now last much longer when fed lumber. Instead of gaining 10/15/30 minutes of fuel per oak/maple/cedar wood, they now gain 45 mins/2 hours/3.5 hours/5 hours per oak/maple/cedar/spruce wood. This should make it more plausible for good Samaritans (or community-oriented guilds, perhaps) to keep the campfires burning.
- Added an ever-burn campfire at the entrance to Kur Mountains.
- When you come in out of the cold, the Body Heat meter continues to be displayed until you reach Max Body Heat.
- George Madler and Legs both teach the recipe for Simple Blankets. This is a level 12 Textile recipe.
- Blankets now cure hypothermia and frostbite as well as restoring body heat.
- Blankets that are randomly found in Old Prestonbule are now "Arisetsu Blankets", and Rick Snapley's favor to obtain blankets now requires those Arisetsu Blankets. (If the task disappeared from your quest journal, you may need to re-obtain it from Rick Snapley.)

Combat Skills

- Archery treasure has higher levels available.
- Shield treasure has higher levels available.
- Animal Handling gear has higher levels available.
- Hammer skill has now bonus levels available. They are granted at: Blacksmithing 20, Carpentry 35, Mining 20, Mining 45, Toolcrafting 25. There will be many more bonus levels in the future, but for now these make it possible to obtain the level 72 Hammer ability "Reckless Slam 8" and the level 73 ability "Seismic Impact 7".
- There is now only one version of Alravesa the All-Hunter. She lives in Ilmari for now
- You can no longer use Crossbow abilities without a crossbow equipped. We mean it this time!
- For Knife abilities that need the target to be focused on someone else, mezzed enemies no longer count as being focused on anybody. This allows mez+backstab to work, for instance.
- Level 70 throwing knife abilities now use Astounding Knives instead of Amazing Knives.


- Crafting recipes for level 70 staves and clubs require an extra piece of Spruce wood.
- The recipe for "Laressa's Cheese" now yields Sweet Whey instead of Whey, and it is taught by Braigon instead of Laura Neth.
- Haerel cheese now requires whey (not sweet whey) to craft.
- The recipe for Astounding First Aid Kit now creates an astounding first aid kit, instead of 2x amazing first aid kits.
- The Fishing skill now sends you to Rugen in Rahu for level 60 training. Removed reference to level 70 Fishing; it doesn't exist yet.
- George Madler sells the recipe for Basic Spider Silk, because it's now useful for more than just spider armor.
- When using redwall crystals (sorry, "rubywall crystals") to craft high-level gear, the cash value of the resulting items are now much lower. This does not affect existing items.
- Tier 3-7 snail gauntlets (max enchanted) were easier to craft than intended.

Food Changes

- Rats throughout the world have run out of Mild Cheddar Cheese! They are now making do with a new cheese, Cave Cheese
- Raw fruit now gives slightly better out-of-combat regeneration, making it more useful as a backup food for newbies.
- All cooked foods and drinks now give slightly more Power regeneration. This is most noticeable for newbie-level cooked foods.
- Snack foods now benefit from Gourmand bonuses (and earn Gourmand XP when first eaten) just like Meal foods do.

Alchemy Potions

Many alchemy potions have had their duration or potency adjusted upwards. For instance, most 15-minute Alchemy potions now last for 1 hour instead. Specific notes:

- Max-Health-Boosting alchemy recipes (e.g. Pick-Me-Up Juice, Make-Me-Strong Juice, etc.) last an hour.
- Cranium Lotions last an hour.
- Fire, Poison, Cold, Electricity, etc. Resistance Potions last an hour.
- Fire Shield Potion and Acid Shield Potion last an hour.
- Memory Inhibiting potions last 2 hours.
- Persona Minimizer/Reducer potions last an hour.
- Antivenom now cures up to 3 stacks of poison, and Strong Antivenom cures up to 5 (still with their original max-poison-potency caps).
- Bleeding/Agonizing Speed potions last 5 minutes and no longer have a poison DoT (but still increase in-combat sprint cost).
- Acid/Poison Boost Potions last 30 minutes.
- Rage Inhibitor potions last 30 minutes.
- Coldbite, Coldgnaw, and Coldrend potions boost Cold Damage by 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively.
- Ferocity Juice lasts 30 minutes.
- Sanguinizer and Blood Seeker Ointment last 30 minutes.
- Wolfen Speed potions last 15 minutes.
- Thunderclap Potion boosts by +15 instead of +10.
- Dirt Shield potion lasts 60 minutes.
- Stoneskin potions last 30 minutes.

Gear Mods

- A few more gear mods that had significantly more healing power (than intended) were nerfed. For instance, "Reinforce restores +132 armor and Shield Team restores 66 armor" now restores 81/44 armor. That's easily the most dramatic one.
- The archery gear mod "Poison Arrow boosts Poison Damage +X% for 10 seconds" also accidentally boosted the damage of Poison Arrow directly.
- Reduced the potency of gear mod "Elemental Ward mitigates X% of all Poison damage for 10 seconds".
- Fixed bug with pig gear mods that have "Target ignores you for X seconds, or until you attack it again".
- Unarmed gear mods that automatically absorb damage now require you to actually be using the Unarmed skill.

Other Changes / Fixes

- Fixed a bug that caused some players to need to wait for much longer than 3 hours in animal form before Animal Town animals would talk to them.
- General Pask's loot has been nerfed to reflect that he is not really a boss (he doesn't even have a curse). We will give him a curse (and better loot) in the future, when he is in an environment that isn't as easy to exploit.
- Onkara Super Soldiers and Onkara War Troopers have reduced loot and adjustments to spawn rates and movement behavior.
- If you are in Hardcore mode, your items no longer break if you die from any of these causes: "Fell from great height", "Fell from small height", "Smote by Admin", "Fell off the world", or "Unknown Cause of Death". Previously, this only applied to "Fell off the world", but those other types are often unavoidable deaths (especially during Alpha, where you can "fall from a great height" if you get stuck in the geometry), so it seemed unfair to overly punish hardcore players for them.
- Monsters now hate it slightly more when you heal the enemies they are trying to kill.
- The mysterious illness from glowing crystals now causes untyped damage (instead of Darkness damage).
- You can no longer stack Words of Power that increase combat xp.
- Fixed a bug that caused rotflowers to stop spawning during the South Serbule druid event.
- Animals that can drop Tufts of Fur as loot now do so a bit more often.
- Skeleton Darkweavers could not attack. They can now.
- Chomp Vines in some Gazluk caves could not be attacked.
- Fixed all cow hats.
- The second level of the dungeon under the hand is no longer pitch black.
- Female fairies no longer have creepy, totally white heads.
- Feral Bulls in Eltibule no longer have weird shiny black-colored undersides.
- Ravens have their missing tail feathers back.
- Corrected day/night lighting issue in Kur Mountains.
- Fixed some (but not all) places where you can get stuck in the geometry in Gazluk caves

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