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March 4 Update

This is the first development snapshot with Gazluk Keep, the HUGE level 70 group dungeon. It's designed for groups of five or six players levels 65-75, and it's full of riches, secrets, and adventures. But here's the thing: we have no idea how difficult it is. Impossibly hard? Laughably easy? It's your job to find out and tell us! (On the forum ideally, but in-game feedback is fine too.) Also, if you know how to capture video or stream the game while playing (and are level 65+, of course) then we would love to see you play through it so we can get a feel for how it's working. (We can do a hotfix-update of the dungeon's difficulty if it's really out of whack, otherwise we'll make changes in the next snapshot.) The entrance to the dungeon is the brick-red building in Gazluk City, the orcish city on the Gazluk Plateau. (You may need help fighting your way to the door.)

Other changes:

- Hammer treasure mods now scale to 70
- Druid treasure mods now scale to 70
- Ice Magic mods now scale to 70
- Knife mods now scale to 70
- Cow mods now scale to 70
- Deer mods now scale to 70
- Pig mods now scale to 70
- Spider mods now scale to 70
- Giant Bat mods now scale to 70
- Reduced the potency of some Cow and Pig restoration gear mods that were incorrectly calculated
- By request, some bows now appear larger when held
- Some textures in Serbule have changed. Most noticeably, buildings and walls are different colors. Do not be alarmed! There's a big graphical update to Serbule coming soon, and a few bits of that update "leaked" into the current version of Serbule. It will all come together in the next snapshot.
- Ukorga in Kur has gotten tired of all his potential customers dying in the cold. He's set up a signpost at the Eltibule-side entrance to Kur. It teaches you how to build an emergency campfire.
- Human males' beards no longer protrude out of full-face helmets. (If we missed any helmets where the beard should be hidden, let us know!)
- Fixed problems with mage robes where you could see through parts of the cloth at certain angles (backfaces were culled when they shouldn't have been)
- Fixed healing bugs where certain buffs were supposed to be applied to the recipient of the heal, but were instead being applied to the caster of the heal. For example, if your "Healing Received from First Aid" stat is 125%, it should boost by 25% any First Aid treatments you receive (regardless of who uses First Aid on you). Due to the bug, it was instead causing your First Aid abilities to generate 125% healing to whomever it was applied to. For people who were using healing only on themselves, there is effectively no change, since they are both the caster and the receiver in that situation.
- Syndra's barn in Kur was invisible at close range
- Most blankets that spawned in Gazluk were not Arisetsu Blankets as intended, making the favor to gather Arisetsu Blankets basically uncomplete-able
- Fixed treasure mods for Archery that made Nice attacks deal extra damage (but didn't)
- Treasure mod "Shield Team boosts all allies physical mitigation +X" did not stack with itself
- For the "/behaviorreport" command, removing items from a personal vault was recorded as removing items from a shared vault. This is fixed, but note that it is not retroactive
- Added the new chat command "/restrict". This command stops players from interacting with you in certain ways. For instance, if you are tired of being invited to guilds, you could use "/restrict GuildInvite on" to stop all invites. Use "/restrict" by itself for a list of options and more information. (This command will eventually be replaced with a graphical interface.)
- Glowy Yellow Crystals could not be used in item-crafting recipes. They now act like other un-skill-associated crystals (e.g. rubies) when slotted into recipes
- Removed about a dozen monsters from one particular hall deep in the Yeti Caves, where there were accidentally twice as many monsters as intended
- Striga now have a chance to drop guano
- Fixed a bug that could keep screen shots from showing up in the intended screen shot folder
- Fixed a bug that could make the "safe mode" checkbox in the launcher not work

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