Apple Shaved Ice

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Apple Shaved Ice

Shaved ice flavored with apple. This treat should be eaten quickly before it melts! (This is a snack. Snacks stack with meal foods; you can eat one of each and get the benefits of both.)

Note: This item can melt in non-freezing environments or when taking Fire Damage.
  • Requires Gourmand Level 0
  • Max Health +16
  • Max Power +8
  • Health Regen +40 per update
  • Power Regen +16 per update
  • Health Regen +3 per update (in combat)
  • Power Regen +3 per update (in combat)
  • Lasts 1 hour (plus Gourmand bonus)
  • Snack Level 8
  • Value: 45

How to Obtain

You can craft Apple Shaved Ice with Ice Conjuration, which is learned from Ichin the Ice Master in Rahu.