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Zones are large areas that contain related quests and similar level content. As of now there are three zones currently in the game:

As of the alpha version of the game, zones are connected by portals. Look for a floating blue circle. Activate it to port to the next area.

Anagoge Island
This is the tutorial island.
This is the first zone that you enter after leaving the tutorial island.It has low level skills and monsters available.
South Serbule
This zone seems to be still in development. In the inn in the center of the map are two NPS's that teach Surveying and Shield skills. The area seems to be used for leveling up mining skill.
This zone contains more challenging monsters and skills. It is for the more experienced player.
Kur Mountains
A freezing tundra zone that has consistent cold damage and challenging monsters.
Sun Vale
A narrow valley teeming with life on a rocky and uninhabitable island nestled between The Council Lands and the Elven country of Verta.
A harsh sand-covered wasteland.
A Rakshasa city.
A deep cold area.

Upcoming Zones

  • Something related to the Crone Council, with architecture inspired by Greek and Roman myths.