Bottle of Milk

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Bottle of Milk

This bottle is full of cow's milk. (This is a snack. Snacks stack with meal foods; you can eat one of each and get the benefits of both.)

  • Requires Gourmand Level 0
  • Health Regen +15 per update
  • Lasts 1 hour (plus Gourmand bonus)
  • Snack Level 0
  • Value: 14

Bottle of Milk

How to Obtain

  • Obtained from Milking:
  • 4 Cows in Serbule Keep - they all wander inside Serbule Keep, generally around the Animal Handler.
  • 4 cows in Serbule Hills. Two in the backyard of Tapestry Inn, one at Julius Patton's farm and one at Brianna Millers farm - they all wander.
  • 2 Docile Feral Cows in Eltibule north of Eltibule Keep. One due northwest of Eltibule Keep - near the rows of Onion & Cabbages outside. The other one is just southwest of the northern bridge on a small hill. They never wander.
  • 4 Cows in The Red Wing Casino in the Garden area.
  • People playing as a Cow may also be milked/can milk themselves.
  • NPC Cows may only be milked once per hour.
  • You need an empty bottle to collect the milk in.
  • Animal players may not milk Cows due to lack of hands to do the milking. People playing a Cow can milk themselves, but not other Cows.