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You must have either Meditation or Shamanic Infusion at level 50 before you may learn these skills.

Soothsaying is not a skill per se. One can use one of the four augury recipes (Beginner's, Basic, Advanced and Expert Augury) found among Lore Recipes. Ashk the Answerer will teach them with appropriate favor after you complete some errands for him.

Each augury recipe gives a one hour buff and can be repeated every hour. The buff effect can be good or bad. Known effects are listed below. When the effect description indicates X% or N it means the percentage X or value N varies with the recipe: Expert Augury gives a higher percentage (both good and bad) than Beginner's Augury.

Name Effect
Wisdom +X% Earned Combat XP
Inattention -X% Earned Combat XP
Hard Work +X% Earned Crafting XP
Lazy Learner -X% Earned Crafting XP
Undying The first two times you die in any 15-minute period, you will instead avoid death
Focused +N Max Power
Unfocused -N Max Power
Normal Day +10% Max Armor
Unpleasant Day -10% Max Armor
+X% Max Health
Vulnerable -X% Max Health
Swift +2 Out-Of-Combat Sprint Speed
Lucky X% chance for non-magical loot items to be exceptional instead
Unlucky X% chance for magical loot items to be non-magical instead
Regenerate 10% of max health every few seconds


The outcome of an augury depends on the corpse trophy used, and some effects are more likely to happen. In general, all items have a chance to give Normal Day or Unpleasant Day (the Max Armor modifier). When these two effects are explicitely listed below, it means they have a higher than average chance to happen.

Corpse Trophy Likely Outcome
Snail Sinew Wisdom
Skulls (of all type) Focused, Normal Day
Femur Undying
Snail Shell (Giant and Perfect) Wisdom, Normal Day
Giant Mantis Claw Wisdom
Nightmare Flesh Wisdom
Brain Lucky
Brain Bug Lobe Lucky
Fish Scale Wisdom
Matted Hair Wisdom
Spiderweb Wisdom
Antler Wisdom, Health Regen
Spider Leg Wisdom, Normal Day, Swift
Spleen Hard Work, Lucky
Heart Lucky
Magic Tooth Wisdom
Ice Core Wisdom
Tuft of Fur Wisdom
Heartshroom Lucky
Stomach Lucky
Toxic Sludge Wisdom
Orcish Hair Comb Wisdom
Cockatrice Beak Lucky
Snake Scales Wisdom
Treant Leaves Wisdom
Panther Tail Wisdom
Spider Egg Wisdom
Myconian Jelly Wisdom