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The idea of this page is to give an overview of the many skills featured in the game, their sometimes amusing descriptions, and link to the relevant page for each skill.
(this is a rough draft)

General Skill Mechanics

  • When active skill levels are too far apart (more than 25 levels), abilities that are above the 25 level difference are grayed out on the skill bars and uavailable.

Skills and how to obtain them

The following table provides an overview of all the available skills currently available in the alpha version of the game, and a brief hint at how to obtain them.

Combat Skills

Skill Description How to obtain
Archery Expertise with using bows to hunt and kill. Learned by new characters automatically, however you need to find the bow and arrows in a dilapidated chest on Anagoge near the Alchemy Book before you can use it.
Animal Handling The art of taming animals and teaching them to fight alongside you. Learned from a Shrine outside Serbule Crypt
Battle Chemistry Using alchemical concoctions in the heat of battle. Not for the faint of heart, or the particularly sane, this combat style specializes in area affects of all types. Advanced Practitioners can also ingest their formulae directly to take on new combat personalities. Masters can even create homunculi to serve them in battle. A Test NPC in Marna's shop teaches this for now, but the intended functionality is that you need an Alchemy of 50.
Druid Druidin' Use the Druid Shrine in Sun Vale
Fire Magic Using Fire to destroy your enemies. This is a very potent offensive skill, including long-range and area-effect attacks, and even some Cold attacks for versatility. However, there are drawbacks: Fire magic is extremely Power-intensive; all creatures generate extra Rage when they are burned; and many creatures have some resistance to fire. Talk with Velkort
Hammer Mastery of the user of hammer and clubs in combat. Hammers are generally considered the least versatile, least complex combat weapon, best suited to violent brutes. There are few abilities to learn, since it's so simple. Power consumption is higher than average, but so is damage. This is a weapon for crushing enemies, no more and no less. Reach a higher Favor level with Agrashab.
Ice Magic Quest from Landri the Cold.
Mentalism The power of mind over matter: psychic powers! This combat ability focuses on recovery and restoration, but it also has multiple damaging abilities. Reach Friends Favor level with Echur
Necromancy Necromancy is control over the undead, along with other powers that triffle with mortality. To use necromantic abilities, you must be wielding or wearing a necromancy gem. You can often find these on weapons, and less often on pieces of armor. (If you are in a beast form, necromancy gems in weapons won't work, but ones in armor will.) ((Subskill: Corpse Talking) Use the Necromancy Shrine in Serbule Crypt Level 2.
Psychology Understanding the mind of sentient creatures. Also, using that knowledge in combat and other stressful situations. Discover Psychology on Anagoge.
Shield Expertise in the use of a shield, both as a weapon and as a defensive tool. Reach Friends favor level with Tyler Green
Staff Mastery of the staff as a martial weapon. Staff fighting has a mix of both offensive and defensive abilities. Raise favor level with Hogan.
Sword Expertise with swords, rapiers and the like. Swords are very damaging, and can reduce an enemy's Rage. Learned by new characters automatically, but you must find a sword on [[Anagoge].
Unarmed Mastery of the martial arts. Not especially damaging, but with great controlling and stunning abilities. Generally requires one or both hands to be empty, although you can use kicks even with other items wielded. Learned by new characters automatically on Anagoge.

Beast Forms

Skill Description How to obtain
Beast Speech Skill in speaking while in the form of an animal or monstrous beast. (You earn XP in Beast Speech by speaking aloud. You can't earn XP more than once per minute.) Speak in chat while in a Beast Form.
Cow The art of living and fighting as a cow. Become cursed with cow form by Maronesa, the cow boss in the Crystal Cavern.
Deer The art of living and fighting as a deer. Reach skill level 25 in Druid or consume a Deer Juice.
Lycanthropy Skill in fighting as a wolf beast. Also indicates your ability to control and suppress the beast mode. (Subskill: Beast Metabolism) Complete The Wolf Trial for Harry the Wolf.
Pig The art of living and fighting as a pig. Drink the rare drop potion from pigs, Pig Juice.
Spider The art of living and fighting as a spider. Find the Strange Spider in the Serbule Crypt. Buy a Spider Juice.
Giant Bat Skill in living and fighting as a bat. Get bit by either an enemy (during Halloween event) or player bat's Virulent Bite attack.

Other Skills

Skill Description How to obtain
Alchemy The art of combining esoteric things together to make potions and poisons You learn some basic level 0 recipes from an Alchemy Book hidden on Anagoge. Using these from the recipe screen will cause Alchemy to appear in your list of skills.
Anatomy Knowledge of the physiology of creatures in general. This is an umbrella skill that encompasses a vast suite of sub-skills for particular types of creatures. This parent skill represents generalized knowledge that applies to all creatures in the world. Received as a bonus skill from one of it's subdivisions, such as Undead Anatomy.
Armor Patching The ability to use repair kits to fix up your armor. Earned when you use an Armor Patch Kit for the first time.
Art History Understanding of the rich history of art in Allhearth. Rescue Sarina From the Goblin Dungeon in Eltibule.
Artistry Skill in the visual arts, including painting, sculpting, and mosaic creation. Requires Level 35 Art History. Requires a specific book which teaches the skill.
Blacksmithing Making and enhancing metal equipment. Blacksmiths don't create armor directly, but they can buttress metal armor's effectiveness. They also create metal parts for many other skills. Talk with Tadion in Serbule Keep.
Butchering Skill in the act of removing meat and useful body organs from a corpse. You need to be carrying a Butcher Knife in order to butcher a corpse. Corpses of sentient creatures, such as goblins and humans, can't be butchered. After having received a Butcher Knife from either Fainor's shop or the Red Wall chest, click the butcher button when looting an animal corpse.
Calligraphy The art of writing things. Handy for... writing things. It's also a valuable art for swordsmen and other warriors, who can infuse their art with potent additional effects. Complete the quest Kill Tigers for Joeh.
Carpentry Preparing and treating lumber, and making things out of wood. Talk with Jara on the farm in Serbule.
Cheesemaking Making cheese, butter, and other daily products. But mostly: cheese. Learn the recipe for Butter from Fainor or Braigon and craft it once to make Cheesemaking appear on your list of skills.
Compassion The ability to feel empathy, even for creatures not at all like yourself. Buy a shovel off of Mushroom Jack for 75g and use the 'Bury Corpse' option when it appears.
Cooking Skill in preparing food for consumption. Speak with Fainor in Serbule Keep.
Dye Making Skill in producing dye. These dyes can be used to color armor. This skill covers only the creation of the dye; Textile creation, Tanning, or Blacksmithing is used to apply the dye, depending on what the armor is made of. Speak with the Dye Maker in Serbule Keep.
Dying The art of dying. Die. No, really, that's it.
Endurance The ability to endure heavy loads and uncomfortable situations without getting tired. Your endurance increases the speed of your armor regeneration between fights, among other things. This ability permanently raises your armor regeneration rate. Receive damage and then kill an enemy.
First Aid The ability to use first aid kits to heal yourself or others. Use a first-aid kit for the first time.
Fishing The art of collecting fish. Right click a crab on the ground to catch your first fish and earn the skill
Fletching The craft of arrow-making. Most fletching recipes require elements obtained from Carpentry, so it's often handy to know both skills well. At higher level, fletchers also need various Alchemy components. Buy "I'd Rather Be Fletching" from Elahil in Serbule Keep.
Foraging The art of picking things up. Except mushrooms, those are special for some reason. Experts at Foraging are also experts at finding stationary items and locations (such as many Quest Objectives). Pick up an Apple or Haystack. They can be found on both Anagoge and around Serbule.
Gardening Growing things in a garden: herbs, food, and flowers. Speak with Therese in Serbule Keep.
Geology Digging crystals out of the ground, and knowing what they do. Buy a "Surveying Book" from Joeh in Serbule Keep.
Goblinese Fluency in the language of goblins. Find a Level 0 Goblinese card in Eltibule's Goblin Dungeon.
Gourmand The art of appreciating what you eat. A high gourmand skill allows you to get more benefits from fancier foods. Each food has a Gourmet Level, which caps your benefits from this skill, you will only get benefits as if your skill was the Gourmet Level. Eat any form of food, such as the Bucket of Gruel on Anagoge.
Hoplology The study of weapons and armor, with a focus on the benefits and weaknesses of different kinds of equipment. As the skill increases, Staff users will find that their combat abilities also restore Armor. Learn in Kur Mountains's Wolf Cave.
Iocaine Resistance  ???  ???
Leatherworking  ???  ???
Lore Mastery of ancient Knoweledge Use a lore object such as a painting or book, or solve a Shrine's riddle.
Meditation Skill in centring yourself and creating an inner focus. This is especially helpful when using Unarmed combat skill. To meditate, you must be near a Meditation Pillar. each meditation also requires a simple focus item, such as a fruit or a flower. Raise favor levels with Echur in Serbule Keep.
Mining Digging metals and ores out of the ground Buy a "Surveying Book" from Joeh in Serbule Keep.
Mycology Mastery of fungus in all it's forms. Harvest a mushroom.
Myconic Knowledge of the secret language of ancient fungus creatures. Harvest a mushroom, and sometimes you'll receive experience for this instead of Mycology.
Notoriety A measure of your renown. You earn Notoriety the first time you defeat certain enemies (typically any monster with a proper name), and for completing particularly difficult quests. Defeat your first Named creature.
Pathology Skill in figuring out how someone or something died. Higher skill allows more details to be determined and more difficult organisms to be examined. Get an Autopsy Kit from Lawara (Comfortable) or buying it from Mushroom Jack.
Phrenology An understanding of how sentient creatures think and feel, based on careful study of the shape of their skulls. This base skill represents your overall Phrenological prowess. (Phrenology skills provide crtical-hit chances to all Psychology and Mentalism attacks against the corresponding type of creature. Phrenology also has more esoteric uses). Learn from Glajur In Kur Tower.
Poetry Appreciation  ???  ???
Sigil Scripting Using magical inks and arcane rituals to create areas of power. Learn from Sir Arif in the Serbule Crypt.
Skinning Skill in the act of removing fur or skin from an animal. You need to be carrying a Skinning Knife in order to skin a corpse. Corpses of sentient creatures, such as goblins and humans, can't be skinned. Obtain a Skinning Knife and use it on a creature such as a Pig.
Surveying Analyzing the land to locate valuable resources or important locations. Surveying has many uses, but is most commonly used to make resource maps for Geology and Mining. Buy a "Surveying Book" from Joeh in Serbule Keep.
Tailoring Tailoring has two aspects: first, you use it to turn textiles into clothing. Second, you can use tailoring to make clothing and leather armor more comfortable, more useful, or more stylish. Talk with Thimble Pete in Eltibule.
Tanning The craft of turning disgusting animal skins, furs, and hides into leather, fleece, and other materials ready to be used in clothing and armor. Buy a book from Jesina in Eltibule or Flia in Serbule.
Teleportation Buy a book from Jesina in Eltibule or Flia in Serbule.
Textile Creation The craft of turning raw ingredients into cloth. Textile creation includes cotton, wool, silk, and many other fiber types. Cloth made from animal hides (e.g. leather) comes from the Tanning skill instead. Talk with George Madler in Eltibule.
Toolcrafting Have 20 Blacksmithing and Carpentry, then talk to an NPC in Sunvale.
Treasure Cartography  ???
Vocabulary Knowledge of many words in the common language play the Word Hunt mini game.