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Dungeons are where quests take place, bosses reside, and high level gear is obtained from. Dungeons are generally harder than most other content in the game and provide some of the best rewards.

No Instancing

As of the alpha dungeons are not instanced which really sets apart this game from current "modern" MMOs. Whether you are soloing or teaming up with fellow players, the experience is of one shared world which creates stronger social interactions between players.


Loot on all enemies (except Elites) is also not instanced, meaning once somebody loots a corpse the loot is gone. This can cause a little grief sometimes but keep in mind the loot is plentiful and enemies respawn very quickly!

Consider not burying corpses in dungeons. In theory leaving corpses behind should make them respawn a little slower, which can help when soloing. In a group, please remember that burying a corpse gets rid of the loot. If you don't want loot on a corpse, leave it so another player may loot it.


Veteran MMO players will remember the infamous trains from classic MMO EverQuest. A "train" happens when a player flees danger in a dungeon, and the enemies chasing the player come in sight of other unsuspecting players who are then attacked. This problem is fairly minimal at present in Project: Gorgon because the enemies don't pursue very far, but be aware that the mechanics allow for it. Don't be angry at other players! It is simply the mechanics of the game, and it could be argued it makes things a little more... interesting. As there is no experience penalty and also no loss of levels in the game (so far), a train will at worst cause your character to respawn in the entrance of the dungeon.

Dungeon Progression

A list of dungeons currently implemented, in rough order of progression. Keep in mind difficulty varies depending if you play a AOE build, if you are soloing or grouped, what skills and type of damage you use, etc.

??? indicates that the information is incomplete, just so you know there may be bosses there, etc.
Diff.: approximate difficulty.
Diff. Dungeon Lvl Boss(es) or
Boss-like Foe(s)
Parent Zone Miscellaneous
0 Anagoge Island 1 Gajus the Big-Headed * Serbule * One might want to partner with other players to defeat him!
1 Serbule Hills Spider Cave 5 Megaspider Serbule Hills Easy starter dungeon with lots of spiders.
1 Serbule Sewers 5 - Serbule Fun little dungeon for newbie players, infested by rats and spiders.
1 Brain Bug Cave 15 Commander Ferrows Serbule A newbie friendly dungeon, located in northern Serbule. Strange, mutated creatures wander all over the corridors of this sinister cave
2 Crystal Cavern 15 Maronesa Serbule Many Poison Slugs in this dungeon. Will be difficult for new players without poison resistance.
2 Serbule Crypt 15 Nameless GuardianUrsulaKhyrulek Serbule Necromancy can be learned in this dungeon (you may need help as this is deeper in the dungeon).
3 Carpal Tunnels 20+ SherzatThe Big Slime Serbule Good place to farm XP for your secondary skills. Good for leveling skinning and butchering too due to lots of pigs.
4 Myconian Cave 25+ GretaTidalTremor Serbule Good place to stock up on mushrooms, hard to solo at low level due to high population and respawn rates as well as wandering mobs
4 Goblin Dungeon 30+ AlgapaOrloakaThe FogGuardian CrystalCiervos The Shadow Eltibule Densely populated dungeon with high respawn rate, entrance is soloable. After The Fog, this dungeon becomes significantly harder.
4 Eltibule Crypt 30 James EltibuleSerisa Eltibule Eltibule Very small dungeon populated by mostly skeletons.
5 Animal Nexus 30+ The MagnifierThe MaimerThe MasherThe Mutilator Eltibule One of the entrances to the nexus between worlds, populated by fae animals
5 Boarded up Basement 35+ Xegatis Eltibule This dungeon not not recommended for solo play.
5 Kur Tower 40 KeerlaLomas Kur Mountains Affectionately known as "farmville" by high level players.
6 Yeti Cave 40 Yeti High PriestMaligno Kur Mountains Deep in a ravine, a clan of yetis have made their home. Strange energies emanate out of the cave entrance, something is bound to be found within
6 Wolf Cave 50 Timothy ElerimonKarnag The Imaginary WolfScion of Norala Kur Mountains A den of werewolves, lost in the ice barrens of Kur.
6 Borghild 50 VenenaeForgotten Loading GolemKiralem Serbule Also known as the Deathtrap Dungeon, Borghild is an ancient burial ground.
6 Winter Nexus 50 Dementia PuckBonfire PuckGorgos Sun Vale A deadly dungeon for high-level players. Can you find the Key to unlock the entrance?
7 Dark Chapel 50 Crazy TerryLord SedgewickKatarina EltibuleOld CrustyScion of DiscordMother SnailSpiderlord Eltibule Dark tunnels leading to an unholy chapel. Finding the way in will involve some research, trial and error and exploration
7 Rahu Sewer ~55 Tolmar the Snake Master • 3 more Bosses TODO Rahu This dungeon hides many secrets. Intended for solo or duo.
8 Labyrinth 60 The Striga StewardAsterionClaudia Ilmari Desert Deep beneath the sands of the Ilmari Desert lies an intrincate maze, filled with raiders, ancient secrets and its even more ancient guardians
8 Gazluk Keep 70 Stolen War GolemThe Shower SlimeHealing-Suit TesterGazluk ClutchmasterZukelmux The Intransigent'Beakhorse'The Unbreakable WorgDeath Priest??? Gazluk Within the border of the Orcish stronghold, their Keep sprawls outward containing many foes and war machines.