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Who Trains What

The following table summarizes which trainers train each crafting and combat skill.

NPC Craft or Skill trained
Tadion Blacksmithing
Velkort Fire Magic
Marna Poison arrow. A skill for Archery
Azalak Alchemy, Necromancy
Nelson Ballard Sword
Roshun the Traitor Staff
Kleave Tanning
Tyler Green Shield
Hogan Staff
Jesina Foraging
Sie Antry Toolcrafting
Kalaba Blacksmithing
George Medler Textile Creation
Thimble Pete Tailoring
Kur Mountains
Lamashu Storage crates for carpentry
Syndra Ice magic. Requires 25 fire magic skill and completion of quest from Syndra.
Ilmari Desert
The Sand Seer Fire Magic
Alravesa the All-Hunter Archery
Falkrin the Overstrike Hammer
Nissim Psychology
Makara Transmutation
Sun Vale
Yogzi Toolcrafting